Loan and Credit opens 10th branch and already has 160 credit experts.

Loan and Credit opens 10th branch and already has 160 credit experts.

We are developing a stationary sales network of mortgage, cash and company loans operating in the franchise model - we have just opened the tenth branch in Białystok!

The plan for this year assumes the opening of a few dozen branches, which will be an important element in the development of the offer and availability of Loan and Credit.

Technological advantage on the financial intermediation market

We offer mortgage, cash and company loans from 12 banks. Our key advantage is the wide range of the offer and unique technological solutions that simplify the credit process and allow quick access to the real offer of banks. In addition to franchise branches, Loan and Credit cooperates with 160 credit experts.

I am proud of the opening of my facility under the banner of Loan and Credit in Bialystok. I was convinced by the extensive portfolio of financial products, cooperation with major banks and access to software that facilitates and accelerates the credit process. Loan and Credit is also a reliable partner in business, thanks to cooperation with he has direct access to people looking for real estate and its financing.

Loan and Credit is part of the listed MZN Property, which is the owner of - the largest and second most popular real estate service on the market, which is an important source of customers interested in obtaining financing for the purchase or renovation of real estate.

You do not need to have large capital to become a Loan and Credit franchisee. If you want to run your own office with an area of ​​approx. 20 m2 with two positions for employees, you only need 10,000 USD. We provide our franchisees with, among others sales and product training package, access to a unique customer service and sales system, as well as assistance in choosing the best location

Loan and Credit plans for 2019


The development of the franchise network will be the main element in the increase in the results of the MZN Property financial segment this year. The company intends to have several dozen franchise branches at the end of 2019.

In addition, Loan and Credit is simultaneously developing the Online Credit Expert (ECO) platform, available which will receive cash loans this year. The tool significantly shortens and simplifies the entire loan acquisition process, transferring it, almost entirely, to the internet.

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